"Integrity, the choice between what's convenient and what's right."-Tony Dungy

"The team and Sunshine Sales is truly a model of what every rep group should aspire to be. Every single member of the team is highly motivated to out do previous accomplishments! And with that motivation, that is exactly what they have done for 2008! 2009 will be more of the same!!!

It is such a pleasure to watch and help them sell our line. They continuously educate themselves on all our products and programs so they can keep their customers appraised of the latest. With the wide spectrum of items we carry, this is a big challenge, a challenge that they have turned into opportunities for all our customers.
Thanks for everything! I look forward to the up and coming year!!"

John Lansangan
Regional Sales Manager

Hi Andrea and Sandy,


Just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a fantastic rep Georgia Damiani is. She has been my rep for the four years I have been in business and is one of the most dedicated, detail-oriented reps I know. I can always depend on Georgia to let me know as soon as she gets a new line, to be on top of industry trends and to alert me to bestsellers. I appreciate her knowledgeable opinion and her kind concern for the success of my business. 


I can't tell you how much Georgia has done for my shop over the years. When I have an event in my store I know Georgia will be there to support me by working a vendor-sponsored activity. I expanded my shop two years ago, and Georgia and Liz Wood were there to help me pack boxes and move everything into storage. I assure you that my reps from larger showrooms were not there on that 90-degree day to help!


The reason I'm writing you this letter is that I am concerned that a certain large showroom in the Pacific Northwest has absorbed a number of other rep groups' lines lately. The only reason the lines have moved is because they feel they have grown and should now be with a larger rep group. 


I was a national sales manager for several years, and I know that being with a larger showroom or line package doesn't help a manufacturer. In fact, it can actually hinder its sales. When a rep group's line package is bloated with too many big lines, smaller lines are the last ones to be pulled out of the bag. Often the rep runs out of time with a customer, and the line isn't written. 


Additionally, your reps have gone far above the call of duty to earn the loyalty of their customers. Please know that your reps are NOT order-takers, and customers appreciate them as partners and friends. I have had nothing but positive experiences in interacting with Sunshine Sales.



Carolyn Miye
Oodles 4 Kids

"Sunshine Sales is THE best hands down, I love love love them, their reps get it! You won't be sorry...phenomenal!
The one thing that sets Sunshine Sales above the rest (or two) is:
1. If they are on vacation/ at a show/ unavailable, they forward their faxes/emails to the main office and STILL process orders in a TIMELY manner
2. You see their reps/group at Toy Fair/Toy Shows working for vendors with heart AND soul!


"Honestly, you all are awesome!  I work with a lot of reps
and rep groups and I truly appreciate everyone’s hard work.  


This year has been far busier than normal for me personally as we have been growing.  When I have had to reach out to Edde, Georgia, Lisa, and Liz for anything, they are on top of it.  When I was running behind on my day to day work earlier this year, I asked all of my reps to help me out by being extra diligent on orders.  You guys are the only group I had where I had 100% accuracy and participation.  I cannot tell you how much that helped speed things up.  Not only that, it made my life way easier during an extremely stressful time.  When I came out to visit customers in the area, everyone was prepared and had confirmed appointments set up to take advantage of my time in the area.  Customers got genuinely excited when we came in the door!  Seriously, the non-verbal reactions of everyone is a HUGE sign that all of you are doing things right.  The Game Day events are FANTASTIC and totally worth the time and effort put into them.


As you two are aware, I tend to be long winded and something like this is often better conveyed succinctly.


From a business perspective, you all are highly driven, incredibly responsive, honest, and hard working.

From my personal perspective, you are all fantastic people and I am genuinely happy that you are in my life."



Matthew Dohmeyer

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